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I have come to the conclusion that it is much more difficult to acquire an agent or a publisher than to write a book. I keep reminding myself of J.K. Rowling and all of the rejections that she received before her luck turned and, believe me, I’m not comparing myself to her. It’s just rejection in any form can be hard to take. I guess what the most frustrating thing is that an author is never told why their work was rejected. I can’t complain too much; I’ve only had a few rejections come back so far. Some queries are still out there, hopefully being pored over by junior agents, ready to present to the Grand Poobah of literary agents, but in the meantime, the same old “ThankyouforsendingyoursubmissionI’msorrybutI’mnottherightagentforyourightnowbutI’msurethatyouwillfindsomeonetorepresentyoudon’tgiveup.” tends to grate a bit after a while, with the exception of a lovely agent from Windermere who sent a very kind personal email. Now, I understand that agents get thousands of queries every week and they can’t respond personally to each one, but what if the form email that they sent back was arranged by category, such as “Dear Author, Thank you for your submission, but frankly, your writing sucks. Please don’t quit your day job.” or “Dear Author, my ex-girlfriend has the same name as you do and while your writing might be wonderful, I deleted it before I read it to avoid tragic memories.” or “Dear Author, What part of we don’t accept fantasy didn’t you understand?”. Speaking for myself only, I’d much rather get a “your writing sucks” email than be left wondering if that particular agent just had a bad day or I should give it up all together.

I was totally inspired this past week, however, by a new author. A friend of mine has a daughter whose first novel has just been released in the last month. It’s a spectacular story and I was hooked within a couple of pages. Marty Man and I went to her book signing in Canton last week in order to actually get the book and to hear her speak. It did give me a wee bit of hope that it is possible to make this succeed. I do know that I want to be able to write for a living and while it still seems out of reach for me, this very sweet lady was living proof that it is possible. It just seems more tangible when someone comes from the same area as you do, I think. Anyway, I’m rambling a bit today, but blogs are good for working out some frustrations, I guess.

My goal isn’t to sound snotty or preachy today. I think it’s more akin to a toddler who is in dire need of a nap. You know she’s usually a good kids, but too much excitement can make her cranky.

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