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Those who know me know that I am definitely not a summer person. I can’t stand heat or extreme humidity. Anything above 82 degrees is pretty much miserable for me. This extreme winter isn’t much fun either, but for some reason, I tolerate it a lot better than I do the summer heat. Even the hassle of shoveling, white/numb fingers, and piling on layers seems like less of an ordeal than the crushing weight of the air under 90% humidity and not being able to breathe without sweating. I’m not a winter sports person, I get too cold, but while I don’t relish hibernation, I don’t hate winter.

That being said, the more this winter goes on, I do miss a lot of things. Here are some of them.

1. Color. When it snows, the tree limbs are breathtakingly beautiful. Dazzling white, fresh-fallen snow makes me pause and take it all in. On the other hand, dirty, nasty, slush on the sides of the roads gets very tiresome, as does a leaden sky. I can’t wait to see the first crocuses in my neighbors’ yards, green, not brown, grass, my dogwood tree in bloom, my yellow hyacinths poking up. Yep, I’m jonesing for a little color about now.

2. Dry ground. No matter where I’ve gone in the past two months, the ground has been covered in snow/ice/melted snow or ice. My work shoes are all ruined, but I’ve worn them for a few years, so it’s not a huge loss. I’d like to walk across a parking lot without getting wet, though. Andrew and I were soaked to our socks last weekend running in to English Gardens.

3. Open windows. I LOVE when the temperature is around 70-75 and there’s a light breeze outside. It’s even better when I can smell the flowers or freshly-cut grass. Our windows are old and drafty, so when it gets frigid like this, we keep the shades drawn to block as much of the cold as possible. It’s a bit isolating, especially on those days when the sun is shining. Like today.

4. Sandals. I love sandals, NOT flip flops. Flip flops are gross, dirty, and cheap-looking. Sandals, on the other hand, can be dressy, strappy, or casual, and they’re cool in the aforementioned temperatures from Hades.

5. Cute dresses. Dresses are fun. It’s too cold to wear them now. It has to be at least in the 40 degree range before I even consider wearing a dress in the winter. A cold blast of wind in just the right place is an unpleasant experience.

6. Ice cream. Marty and I have a standing “date” every Tuesday night after the kids go to bed where we have a bowl of ice cream, but we haven’t had it in several weeks now. Why? It’s too flipping cold! Maybe we will this week, as it’s going to a daytime high of 17. Heat wave.

7. Daylight. I enjoy taking a walk after dinner. For safety’s sake, it needs to be light. I don’t live in a bad neighborhood, but common sense tells me to be safe. I know bad things can happen in daylight, too, they’re just not as likely. I get really bored with just exercising and I enjoy my walks up to the corner store. I usually get a paper, say hi to the brothers that work there, and make my way back home using different routes to see new things in my neighborhood. Last winter, I took Zumba to help me get my exercise, this year I’m taking hula and tap dancing to keep me moving but I still miss my walks.

I’m really not complaining. I’d much rather deal with this weather that 90+ degrees. There are just some things that I miss and that I’m looking forward to, say, oh, June, at this rate. What things do you miss during this time of year? Post as a comment of FB or on my blog page. This has been a long winter for everyone, so let off some steam! (Besides, steam is warm. Maybe it will help.)

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