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I love a good ghost story; I especially love personal ghost stories. If you know me, you know that I have a few of my own, including stories about my own house. Our ghost has the sometimes-habit of opening our top-loading washing machine when a load of laundry is done. Normally, I find out when I go downstairs to change the wash, but once it happened when I was practicing a tap dance routine. When I’m in a show with dancing, I typically practice in the basement laundry room, since it has the most space. I had run a load of laundry when I got down there and when the washer was finished, I had my back turned. As I twirled back around, the lid was already open, in the space of a few seconds.

It doesn’t do it that often and that’s only one of its many tricks, but that’s probably the most definitive one. Sometimes, months will go by without the lid going up on its own, but then it will go up on three or four loads in a row. I like to find a logical explanation for something, but this one defies it all.

I have a thousand more stories; weird stuff has always happened around me, much to my husband’s dismay, but I want to hear your stories. Chances are, you’ve experienced something that has given you the goosebumps, something that you can’t explain. This is your chance to tell the world (or, at least, the readers of this blog) all about it.

Please, no comments about how you don’t believe in stuff like this, blah, blah, blah. This is for fun. No party poopers. Go haunt a science blog or something this time. (See what I did there? Haunt? Lol, I’m a dork. And don’t get me wrong, I love science. I just get really frustrated when people outright dismiss anything that science can’t explain yet.)

Seriously, I’ve experienced a lot of things in my life that I can’t explain and I like to hear about the experiences that other people have as well.

Have at it, and I can’t wait to read’em!

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So, my last post was pretty heavy, so this one will be a bit lighter. It’s almost Halloween, so let’s get into the “spirit” of things. (Hee hee, see what I did there? Spirit? Halloween? Yeah, okay, never mind.)

This is the prime time of year for spooky stories, and by spooky, I mean the supernatural type of thing, not the gory stuff. That’s just…disturbing. Plus, they have stupid plot lines. No, I like a good ghost story, one that makes the hair on my arms stand up and sounds like it could be the real deal. I think I like them so well because I’ve had a lot of unexplained things happen around me in my time and I love hearing about the experiences of others.

Here’s my idea: I’ll tell you one of mine and you tell me one of yours. Your spooky story can be something that actually happened to you or something that you heard somewhere else. Traditional stories from other countries are really cool, too. Just please remember, this is all in good fun, so please no Debby Downers saying how you don’t believe in this stuff and it’s stupid to even think about it. This is not a debate about whether these things are real or not, it’s a creative way to have some seasonal fun. Play nicely, please.

Here’s one of my spooky stories, a real one that happened to me.

When I was about thirteen years old, some strange things started happening in the house where I lived. Weird shadows would appear in places where shadows shouldn’t be, the dog would suddenly run over to the hallway entrance and begin growling, all the hair on his back standing on end. Things wouldn’t be where we left them, a coffee mug smashed at my mother’s feet out of nowhere, an entire shelf of her figurines smashed to pieces on the plush carpeting of the living room floor. The air would get heavy and unwelcoming in certain rooms, evident to all of us who lived there. All of these events were unnerving enough, but there was one incident that scared the daylights out of me. I still can’t think about it without shuddering.

One night, I woke up out of a dead sleep. I’ve always been a light sleeper and at first I wasn’t sure what woke me up. I listened for the usual suspects: car noises, bathroom noises, the dog, but there was nothing. All of the lights in the house were off, but my eyes were drawn to my bedroom door. There, almost burned into the wood, darker than the room, was a shadow. It filled the space of the door and the air was so heavy that I could feel it pressing down on me. The thing had even blacker holes for eyes and it was looking right at me. Then, something sat down on my bed. The bed actually shifted, I could see the indent in the blanket! I was terrified to the point where I couldn’t move. My heart racing, I began to recite The Lord’s Prayer, over and over, then began to alternate it with the twenty-third Psalm. The shadow slowly faded, the strangling feeling in the air dissipated, the weight on the bed lifted, and I could suddenly move again. I breathed a little easier and tried to relax, but I was too worked up. I never got back to sleep that night and it was a while before I was able to sleep well again.

I don’t know what that was, I really don’t want to know what it was. I swear that I was not asleep, as some might say, and thankfully, although the strange things did keep happening, I was never visited by that particular thing again. I’ve seen other things happen, have heard other things happen, some a little scary, but nothing compares to that night.

Now, it’s your turn. Spin me a yarn, tell me a tale, and let’s enjoy each others’ company.

Happy Hallowe’en!

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